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Thursday, January 05, 2006

What a romantic New Years Eve!

Our first New Years Eve as a married couple and in our new house and we spent it doing a mini renovation on the breakfast nook!

I say mini because we eventually want to raise the ceiling, replace the paneling, floor and integrate the former porch/breakfast nook into the adjoining kitchen. But we spend so much time out there and we just hate the dark paneling and the fake styrafoam beams.

New Years Eve morning we were having coffee and Matt said "Ya know, Id really like to take down these beams and just paint the paneling sometime this winter." Well, being the government workers that we are, we didnt have to be back to work until Tuesday. So I said "Ya know, we have three days off right now"! That was it, by noon we were back from Lowes and tearing up the room.

As you can see above, we quickly found that those fake beams were holding up the drywall on the ceiling. Matt was so mad! Whoever did the ceiling had CUT the drywall too short and there were gaps and one side of each sheet wasnt even nailed to the support beams! In an effort to come up with a solution until the big remodel, we ended up painting two boards the same as the ceiling and had to put those up in the fake beams place. Its not what we wanted, and really the wall color wont be final, but we had paint leftover from fixing up our other two houses for sale.

So, it got done - 10pm on Monday night! But its done and looks better than it did before. I stenciled the saying "By hammer and hand do all things stand" above the window and still want to stencil a little more in there above the other windows. We saw the saying in a bungalow book that Matt got me for Christmas. We looked up the saying and its a motto for Blacksmiths. Ill post the link here if I can find the story again.

Ah! Here it is:


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